New York minutes/November 2008

The good: Mermaid Inn, yet again, where my consort and I reconnoitered with friends in from Chicago mostly because it was the best place within gimping distance. Service was pretty slow, but the food, price etc were all great. I had the skate with chorizo and potatoes and left happy. WIGB? As long as it’s the best place within 20 blocks. 568 Amsterdam Avenue near 88th Street, 212 799 7400.

The not bad: Whym, where my consort and two friends retreated after the OSI Moving Walls opening for, as usual, geographic convenience. We had to wait a drink but got a back table for mahi on white bean puree for two people, excellent succulent barbecue chicken and grits for Bob and an acceptable baby arugula salad with pecans, pears and goat cheese for me. WIGB? As long as OSI is showing photos, I guess. 889 Ninth Avenue near 58th Street, 212 315 0888.